Wedding Terms and Conditions

Wedding Terms and Conditions

• It is the responsibility of the client to verify that the dates, times and addresses are correct on the confirmation letter.

• Cars and dates will only be reserved for 10 days from the first contact, until the 1/3 deposit is paid.

• Bookings are not confirmed until the 1/3 deposit has been paid.

• Deposits are non-refundable.

• The full outstanding balance must be paid one month prior to the wedding.

• In the event of the non availability (for any reason) of the vehicle agreed to be provided to the client, the proprietor reserves the right to substitute a comparable vehicle provided that the proprietor shall give notice of such event as soon as possible, whereupon the client will have the option to withdraw from this agreement and will have the right to a refund of any sums paid to the settlement of any claims against the proprietor.

• Although we will endeavour to meet deadlines, we accept no responsibility for delays however caused i.e. unforeseen extreme traffic conditions and for restrictions relating to vehicle access at any location.

• In the event of any internal or external damage being caused to the vehicle(s) by the hirer, the hirer’s guests or any other party, the hirer will be liable for the repair costs in full. The driver may terminate the booking if the client or passengers cause excessive delays, are disorderly or in the drivers’ judgement are unfit to travel.

• No smoking is permitted in the vehicle.

• The maximum number of passengers to be carried at any one time is four in saloons, seven in limousines.

• Bookings are accepted only on condition that the hirer understands and accepts the above terms and conditions. These come into effect upon payment of the deposit.

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